Grand Master Han

7th Degree Black Belt

Grand Master Han is an excellent example of the values and beliefs held by black belts across the world. Grand Master Han was born in the impoverished town of Jong Ki Do, South Korea, the youngest of six siblings. His childhood memories include meals of rice and pickled cabbage, sleeping together with his entire family on the floor of a single room, sticks and stones for toys, missing school to work on the family farm and a father who attempted to cope with the stress of poverty and backbreaking work through alcohol. Because disease and malnutrition were prevalent in Korea, infant mortality was so high that many parents did not register the birth of children until they were one year old. By age 14 he had lost both of his parents. His older sisters and brothers shared the responsibility of parenting him.

As with all male children in Korea Grand Master Han practiced Tae Kwon Do but from a very early age he demonstrated a special ability in the discipline. His talent was quickly recognized by leaders in the sport and in middle school he began training to become a world champion. He won a full scholarship to the prestigious Korean National College of Physical Education and began to compete internationally in Tae Kwon Do, Kendo and Fencing. After winning gold in the Asian Games and a World Championship, Master Han came to America to join his older sister and her family.

America presented more challenges but with the promise of a wonderful future. Grand Master Han had to learn English, American traditions and culture, driving rules and social etiquette.

Currently Grand Master Han owns and operates the Olympic Tae Kwon and After School Program. They are recognized as being in the top 10% of schools in the U.S. for graduating black belt students. Master Han brings his life experiences into his teaching through compassion, dedication, perseverance and self-respect. He emphasizes a positive attitude and demonstrating gratitude as a foundation for happiness and success. He has been nominated for the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. The Martial arts were the key factors that supported Grand Master Han through a difficult childhood to international competition and now to successful Martial Arts School Owner inspiring students throughout the Western Mass region.